Lose Weight Quickly and Easily

My recommendation is to eat vegetables, meat, seeds, nuts, some fruit, very little starch and no sugar. This is important for reducing weight and for physical performance.Celebrity_Fat_Loss_Secrets

A good diet will increase your energy and sense of well-being. This also helps to pack muscle on and cut out fat. With the right diet, there will be an increase of energy. Sleep will be much easier also.

Measuring your food will help leave less room for error. After a week this will be very natural for you. This will give you a new sense of awareness.
For protein, a rule of thumb is the to keep the portion size about the size of the palm of your hand without the fingers. Your carbohydrates should be comprised of vegetables. This should be twice the amount of the protein or about the size of two palms of a hand. A little fat will help curb your hunger. This could be half an avocado or 8 almonds. It’s best to eat every four hours, with 3 meals and 2 snacks.

celebrity_fat_loss_secrets_2Each meal should have breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks. For example breakfast could be 4 egg whites two cups of broccoli and 6 almonds. A few hours later you can have 2 boiled eggs and a teaspoon of almond butter and a half an apple. For lunch, 4 ounces of salmon, 2 cups of steamed vegetables 8 almonds. Dinner should be 4 ounces chicken, salad and a half of an avocado. Late night snack 4 egg whites scrambled and 6 almonds.

Following this eating plan is not hard and will satisfy your hunger. Many diet plans are very strict and can leave someone hungry and irritable. Many people quit the diet and may gain even more weight afterwards. An eating plan should be easy to follow and leave one satisfied. This way of eating will not feel like a diet, but a way of life. When dieting, one should lose weight and feel great and make friends envious.



 Eat and Still Lose Weight

celebrity_fat_loss_secrets_1Doctors have discovered that a low calorie and low carbohydrate diet called the Ketogenic diet, which may slow the aging process. This discovery has revealed a new way that is possible to delay age related diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, forms of cancer and heart disease.

Ketone bodies are produced during a low calorie diet. Ketone bodies show that they help to reduce and protect cells from oxidative stress. This slows the molecules from building to toxic levels, which will enhance the aging process.

Slowing down the effects of aging in all cells of the body may help keep you looking great and feeling young. This process is involved with many neurological diseases. Calorie celebrity_fat_loss_secrets_3reduction can help slow down heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and may even slow down the aging process.



Studies Show Weight Loss Can Be Easy

A study conducted with monkeys, in which they were fed 30 percent less than other monkeys show that the ones that were fed less were far healthier. The monkeys had lower blood pressure, far less incidence of age-related disease, such as cancer and diabetes. They even lived longer. The monkeys that were fed more had died of age-related causes, these findings were amazing. Some of the monkeys had the highest recorded age for Rhesus monkeys, which were around 40 years old.

It seems that calorie reduction activates a survival mechanism that is common to most living beings. Scientists are trying to come up with a pill that mimics this process but they have not been successful yet.
The monkeys that lived longer were also fed more natural food such as whole foods, ground corn and ground wheat. In so many words it does matter if you eat at Whole Foods as to opposed to hotdogs at the ball park. Try to eat organic if you could with lean meats such as turkey, fish and egg whites. Vegetables should come from broccoli, steamed vegetables and salads. When it comes to fats stick with almonds and avocados, no saturated animal fats.